Mobile Electrocardiogram

Problem statement:

Heart disease and sudden cardiac arrest are a major public health problem. Continuous wearable ECG monitoring can have a big impact on diagnosis and management of these diseases.One of the biggest problems facing the miniaturization of this tech is the contacts necessary for high quality measurements. Can we redesign the leads?Can we integrate leads into existing cultural jewelry?

Opportunities to improve on existing products were:

About our project

What: A mobile, wearable, and reusable ECG Diagnostic tool.

Why: To bring an essential heart diagnostic tool to remote regions and avoid tedious and difficult hospital visits.Enable 24-hr holter monitoring in a convenient (and compliant) form-factor.

How: Use reusable electrodes that are easier on skin (and can be wiped/cleaned). Embed electrodes into a universal wearable form-factor (suspenders). Enable data collection for long periods (24hr-1week) of time to Android smartphone via timely bluetooth sync. Alerts/notifications and vital point identification for doctors.

Challenges/Next Steps : Minimize size and enable flexibility (flex pcb or split PCB).Data storage and Bluetooth sync. Diagnostic classification/alerts.

For more, please find attached PDF below " Mobile ECG Project.pdf". 



Rohan Puri

Rohan is our instructor/mentor for this project from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),Media Lab.

Dr Maulik Majmudar

Dr Maulik is our mentoring doctor for this project from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.


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