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Shark Kits (

Sharkits TM  is a Do It Yourself kit company which aims at providing low cost kits designed especially for youngsters to start them off with building technology. Our goal is to build more tech developers and makers so that they pick up real world problems and come up with elegant solutions to those problems using technology. Everyone starts by assembling kits- they understand how each part works, what function it plays, what material it is made up of,  where else it can be used, etc. It sparks curiosity in youngsters and that scientific curiosity can help them learn more and come up with something new, original and different from what already exists.

If interested in our products, you can sign up here and our team will get back to you as soon as we are back in production.

We even run an internship program and hire + train our interns on how to design more kits, come up with business plans and conduct workshops in school

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