SharkBot 3D printer (no longer active)

SharkBot 3D Printer TMExisting 3D printers available in the market are very expensive and are not reliable. They break down very fast. So with  SharkBot 3D Printer TM, we took up the challenge to build a robust, low cost and visually appealing 3D Printer using our sound engineering knowledge and 3 years of Research and Development on 3D Printers. We had shut down the firm for 1 year since our products development wasn't satisfying our goals and plans. We have been working extensively on the next upcoming product line for the past 2 years. We're coming back with a product line which is sure to hit the market hard.

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We run an intensive internship programme for SharkBot where in interns work with our engineers and marketing team to develop the next gen of SharkBots and their marketing plans. You can email your resume in order to apply for our internship programme