Platform Independent Progressive Web App & Data Analytics Platform to help patients find the nearest health facility with open beds, for health facilities to plan better, and for government officials to understand dynamic requirements, rate, size, and location of makeshift facilities needed

As the pressure on the healthcare system increases with the spread of the virus, the ability of hospitals to test and treat patients, arrange medical supplies, and work alongside the government rapidly and dynamically reduces. In such a time, patients may lose vital time in being able to find the nearest established or make-shift healthcare facility to get minimal treatment in time of emergency. Moreover, patients who are not being admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 may not have any location to go for healthcare emergencies. Hence, I thought it was imperative to have a platform independent dynamic web application that helps patients find nearest hospitals with beds, for hospitals to plan better for incoming patients, and understand the expected strain on their supplies, and for government officials to plan the rate at which new makeshift facilities need to be set up and their respective size and location. 

In order to rapidly be able to build this platform, I am open sourcing the design and inviting skilled web developers with background in building dynamic web applications, databases, and cloud computing to help contribute to this project. The idea and software will be open sourced and provided to people for free - this will not be free or permitted for individual companies to copy and sell for revenue. Any such software will be a violation of this open source design and can face legal action. I have designed this app on the 25th of March, 2020.

Seeking web developers experienced in building progressive web applications, back end algorithms, databases, UI/UX, and cloud computing. Please fill this form to join the mission (form helps me have everyone in one place and quickly set up a group to work on the same)  

Data incoming from user

- Current location

- Purpose of visit: COVID test, COVID treatment, other emergency situation, something else

- Need an Ambulance?

- Selected Nearest Hospital 

- Name of patient, contact number

- Number of people exposed to this patient 

- Distance from selected hospital 

Data incoming from Hospitals 

- Number of beds available per category 

- Number of test kits available for COVID-19

- Hospital occupancy status 

- Information on patients on the way: Have they arrived?

- location of the hospital 

Data incoming to Hospitals

- Incoming Patient name, contact information 

- Patient purpose of visit: COVID test, COVID treatment, other emergency situation, something else

- Patient need: test/treatment

-  Patient current distance from hospital

Data incoming to government officials

- List of hospitals, location, and their current occupancy 

- Number of COVID test kits currently available in hospital

- Number of COVID patients at that hospital

- Location of where these patients are coming from

- Number of people in that location that have been exposed to the patient prior to reaching hospital

- Rate of growth in hospital occupancy

- Area in which patient growth is highest, hospital occupancy is lowest, and rate at which disease is spreading. 

The features listed above are for an MVP - we will add features on the go. I have worked on some basic UI/UX and have some coders from Silicon Valley already onboarded to work on this quickly. I have also already spoken about this software to local government officials and we will develop this and seek feedback and enhance functionality on the go. 

I am uploading this work on the 25th of March, 2020 in the spirit of encouraging people to solve this problem. This work is open source for learning and problem solving purposes, not for commercial use without appropriate permissions and conversations.