Home Schooling

About my home schooling in 9th and 10th grades

Although I quit formal schooling soon after starting 9th grade, I did not stop my formal education and I would not recommend this option to anyone! My high school academic mentor Mr. Vinit Mukund Ajgaonkar(Image to the left) saw that the time which I was spending in a formal school was being wasted - he was teaching me after school hours. He encouraged me to quit school and appear for 10th grade exams from NIOS and Cambridge boards. So, that's what I did and I'll be joining a formal school in my 11th grade.

A one man army with many unconventional ideas in the field of high school education, Vinit Sir taught me Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Economics and most importantly - Computer Programming in Java and installing & trouble shooting open source software on the Linux operating system. He created a system for monitoring my progress (link) and shared the link with my parents! However, for me and my partner in crime - Dhhyey Shah - who also quit school, studying at Vinit Sir's home was not about exams - we read The Economist, read short stories outside the exam curriculum, watched world cinema and documentaries, attended many science programs like Chai and Why (link) etc.

And finally - does home schooling restrict your social life? Home schooling does not prevent you from meeting your friends. They are always one instant message away!Your social skills are also not affected in any way. Because I quit school, I had the time to interact with people outside my age group - I'm no longer confined to a classroom. According to Vinit Sir - linking socializing & the study of mathematics is similar to linking tennis & cooking!

Vinit sir is a huge inspiration to me. He has sacrificed so much to try to bring about a change in the system. His life story teaches us that standing out is very hard and you have to lose a lot to achieve your goal and make a difference.