In the past five years, there have been several instances where people have reached out to me offering consultation roles at SMEs all the way to multinational companies in tech. Since I was in school and involved in multiple projects and startups, I've only had the time to consult for some of the super exciting companies/opportunities (unable to share specifics publicly due to NDA). However, in times of crisis such as COVID-19 and after, as well as with the motivation to help drive more low cost innovation, I am now open to newer collaborations with start-ups, SMEs, as well as large companies in the following areas: 

  • Cost reduction and lean down business operations.
  • Ground-up innovation and product development through frugal techniques.
  • Highest recruiting practices to get best talent quickly.
  • Agile development for hardware, software, consumer products, and day to day FMCG. 
  • Cost reduction and team minimisation through software. 
  • Small to Large scale lean brand-building and promotional activities in Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities globally through digital/non-digital media. 

Over the past 7 years in technology and entrepreneurship, I have built and led teams from size of 5 all the way to size of 170  across 5 continents. I've also been fortunate to build a network across film, fashion, manufacturing, government project execution, PR, Talent Management, Innovation (HW, SW, AI), business development, cost reduction, and this is the same network I hope to utilize to help exciting or struggling companies find their ground. 

Reach out to me through my google form on the "Contact Me" page, or on my LinkedIn profile. All the proceeds from these limited consultation projects will be channeled towards my social projects in education, clean air, clean energy, etc. - based on the ones which are most active and in need at the time.